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How to get your home ready to sell

Tips to get Your Home Ready for a Competitive Real Estate Market.

How to get your home ready to sell

You might have spent years or even decades in the same home, but now the time has come to sell. The first question that comes in mind is, "How much money can I expect to get for it?" The thing about selling your home is that you need to prepare it for the market. If you want to increase the value of the home you want to sell, there are some simple steps you can follow to make sure you extract as much value as possible. Follow along and see how to make your home stand out.

There are two major factors to consider while preparing your house for the market:

It might take some time, but putting in some work prior to placing your home on the market can mean a huge difference in how much money you can pocket following a sale.

Let's get started!

The condition of your home

Your house condition is the most important factor to be considered when you consider to sell it in the market. If your home is in great condition inside out, then you would not face many problems while selling it. But if your house in poor condition, then that just means one thing: Low price for it. And we can't afford to sell it at a really low price. So what's the thing you must do? You must gradually improve its condition. And how do we do that? Let's try to explore it right here in this blog post.

Create A Great First Impression (Outside Of Your Home)

Would you prefer to buy a home that's torn up from the outside? Outside matters as much as the inside look of the house. Your home must look beautiful from the outside because that's the first thing that will come in the sights of the people.

Did you know that about 95% of the overall buyers crawl their way over to the various real estate websites to find themselves a perfect home suitable for their needs? And how would they be impressed by your house? From the photos. They would judge your house from the photos, and that's where you must capitalize. And it's your responsibility to post relevant photos on the real estate websites. First Impression matters! And that's how you need to impress your potential buyers. Each and everything in the photos must be to the point.

Now that we have explored the reason why the outside of the home matters when it comes to selling it, it's time to understand the importance of the role played by the inside of the house. Plus, we will also learn how you can take the inside of your house to a whole new level. After all, you want a real high price for your home for what it's worth. Well then! Let's get started with the inside.

Prepare The Inside Of Your House To Impress The Buyers

Congratulations! You have made a great first impression! Your buyer is already sold out and just wants to confirm if the house is well maintained from the inside similar to the outside. You are on the right track of successfully selling your home for what it's worth. But what if the inside of the home is not up to the level expected by the buyer? Would they prefer to buy it then? I wouldn't. I wouldn't prefer to give a thought about buying the house if it's just not good from the inside. So what could you do if you want to improve the condition of your home from the inside? Let's just find out.

A Clean Home Is The Key

Would you prefer to give a thought of buying a house that's not neat and is dirty? People prefer the looks, and that's what you must capitalize on. The best looking homes would sell at a high price. It's plain simple. You must work on making your home look the best it has looked in years. You need to take care of the clutter and dirt. Here are the things you need to keep in mind when you work on cleaning your house for the buyers to visit it:

  • If the buyers come across the dirt in your house, they wouldn't prefer to proceeding further. They would just close the matter and explore for more homes in the market. That's the main reason; you need to clean your house before showing it up to the buyers.
  • Many people are allergic to pets, and that's you must do anything and everything possible to minimize the pet dander.
  • If the carpet in your house is filled with stains or has worn out, then you must get it washed instantly. If the stains don't disappear, it's time to say goodbye to your old carpets.
  • What if there is a whole lot of stuff in your home and the buyers are not able to carefully take a look through your house? A whole lot of stuff in your home makes the place messy. People don't like messy stuff. They prefer simpler things, and that's what you must provide them with.
  • Your home must smell nice. And that's why you must get on with making it smell good.

Repair Your Home

After all of these years living in your home, you can expect some damages. And that's what you must get fixed right now. What if you are the buyer and watch the sight of a broken door or a damaged kitchen? That would leave a big negative impression in your eyes, wouldn't it? So you must start working on getting the damage fixed.

  • Start with small things like loose handles and broken items.
  • Now you must move your way to get fixed the plumbing and electrical problems. Repair or repair the leaky faucets. You need to make sure that the outlets are perfectly working and the drains are clear. If not, work on getting them fixed.
  • Now it's time to repair the damaged flooring. You need to analyze the damage on the flooring of your home and get it fixed instantly before you show your house to a potential buyer.

The Important Updates

Did you know that most of the buyers decide whether to buy your home or not by analyzing the condition of the kitchens and the baths? People just love granite countertops as well as upgraded appliances. That's what you must focus on updating.

You must make your home stand out from the competition in the market, and that's what you must focus on achieving. You need to replace the cracked sinks, old fixtures as well as stained or yellowed vinyl. Plus, you must get yourself with replacing old mirrors and medicine cabinets. You need to make sure that the grout is clean and re-grout whenever needed. You need to update your house with a beautiful signature piece that would attract the eyes of the buyer in the first sight. You need to install it in the best room in your home. It could be anything like:

  • A beautiful piece of art like a painting.
  • A light fixture to draw the eyes of the buyer.
  • Beautiful furniture piece.

Fixing Up A Price

The condition of your home is top-notch, and your house is fully prepared for the people to visit it right now. They would be impressed and would ask you for the price. That's where the problem arises. What would you price it? If you price it too high, the impressed buyer would just walk away. You can't price it too less. So you need to start working on fixing a perfect price for the buyers as well as yourself.

Here are the points you need to consider while pricing your home:

  • The first step is to detach yourself from your home emotionally. If you are not able to, then you would not be able to come up with a perfect price.
  • You need to perfectly analyze the price of the other houses in the market. Based on the current market price, you must decide the perfect price for your house.
  • You must work on getting a positive impression from various people. A negative impression would just worsen the things a little.
  • The strategy of selling for the people who are buying for the first time is different from the one who is buying again. So, you need to consider both of the factors.
  • The first 30 days of the listing are the most crucial. Not receiving any offers? Your pricing strategy most likely needs to be revised.